Here at Downtown Metals and Recycling we buy the Following Materials:

CRV Products

Aluminum Cans Glass Bottles #1 PET
Plastic Bottles
#2 HDPE Plastic
$1.85 / lb $0.104 / lb $1.27 / lb $0.56 / lb

Please give us a call for Pricing on the following Materials.

Non Ferrous Metals


6063 Extrusions 6063 Painted MLC Painted Old Sheet Litho Sheet Cast

Die Cast Aluminum Turnings Aluminum Wire Aluminum Pieces


Yellow Brass Red Brass Faucets


Bright & Shiny Copper Copper #1 Copper #2 Insulated Wire #1 Insulated Wire #2 Holiday Lights


Aluminum Radiators Aluminum / Copper Radiators Auto Radiators

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Turnings
Ferrous Metals

HMS / Metal #1 Tin Appliances

Computers & Laptops Computer Monitors TVs Consumer Electronics Computer Boards Transformers
Power Supplies Electric Motors Batteries Ballasts Printers

If you do not see an item you want to sell on our list give us a call at (213) 625-8165 and we will gladly assist you.